Linx TT3

Key Benefits

  • Ribbon width of 33mm for basic batch code applications
  • Clutchless, bi-directional motor for greater flexibility – unwind and rewind ribbons, with reliable, constant ribbon tension
  • Print intermittently or continuously – from one single unit
  • Intelligent management – on-board diagnostics enable you to view ribbon, machine and print status via a simple on-screen display
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface – with WYSIWYG – message creation is simple and error-free

Has your date coding machine reached the end of its shelf life? 

The Linx TT3 date coding system is the solution for you – a simple printer that delivers high quality coding on flexible packaging.

Designed for simple date and batch coding, the Linx TT3 coding machine ensures packaging printing is delivered onto flexible materials including bags, pouches and flow wrap. 

The Linx TT3’s smaller 35mm wide printhead is ideal when coding areas that are 32mm x 30mm, its efficient ribbon drive bringing wastage to an absolute minimum. Ribbon changeover is really easy using the ribbon cassette system; saving you time that can be better spent printing! Its simple color touch screen makes it easy to use for manufacturers upgrading from non digital solutions, the Linx TT3 requiring minimal manual intervention to set up or change messages.

The Linx TT3 - Easy to use, maximum ribbon economy, minimum fuss.

  • Optimized ribbon economy for lowest running costs
  • Simple ribbon changeover with cassette system saves time 
  • Clear, simple operator interface including standard code formats reduces operator error and allows basic coding out of the box without a
  • PC High resolution 300dpi printhead for optimum legibility of even the smallest characters

The Linx TT3 is only available in certain regions – to find out where TT3 is available please contact Linx -

Technical Specification

Printing Capability

  • Ribbon width of 22mm or 33mm 

  • Message area – 32mm (w) x 30mm (l) 

  • Maximum ribbon length – 600m 

  • Print speed: intermittent motion mode - 50mm/sec to 200mm/sec 

  • Print speed: continuous motion mode - 40mm/sec to 500mm/sec  

  • Ribbon colors – black, metallic white (other colors on request)


  • Coder supplied with a range of standard code templates 

  • CLARiSOFT for TT3 code design software 

  • Auto best before date calculations 

  • Flexible date/time formats 

  • Scaleable text including rotation, mirror and inverse printing 

  • WYSIWYG print preview 

  • 3 levels of password protection

Physical characteristics

  • Clutchless bi-directional ribbon drive – makes efficient use of the ribbon 

  • Full color touch screen operator interface 

  • Standard bracket systems for integrating coder into intermittent and continuous motion packaging machinery

Related Accessories

Linx accessories are designed to enable correct integration of the Linx TT3 with your production line. For unusual or challenging set-ups, our customer engineering department can build customized solutions to suit every application.

More Information

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