Linx CJ400LE

Key Benefits

  • Clean, quiet and compact design
  • Easy to use color touch screen
  • Designed from the ground up for minimal maintenance
  • Cost-effective servicing with the Easi-Change® Service Module
  • Print up to 3 lines of data including dates, text and logos
  • Perfect for laboratory coding environments
With its light, compact design, the Linx CJ400LE is one of the most compact continuous ink jet coders on the market – perfect for laboratory coding applications. The CJ400LE can print up to three lines of information, including everything from text, logos and dates, in heights between 1.8mm and 8.8mm. Thanks to its non-contact coding technology, the CJ400LE offers reliable printing into moving surfaces at any angle, whether from underneath, the top, or the side of your products. Coding can be changed in an instant without lengthy set up procedures, thanks to an easy to use color touch screen interface. Coding is possible onto a wide range of materials, including plastics, card, and other porous or non-porous substrates, thanks to compatibility with a wide range of inks. A Perfect Fit for Laboratory Environments The Linx CJ400LE has been specially designed for use in laboratory environments, with an angled touch screen for ease of use when installed on a bench. Furthermore, an integrated low noise cooling system as well as low odour and low evaporation inks makes the unit perfect for use in temperature controlled laboratories. Cleaner Coding With a unique hermetically sealed print head, the CJ400LE offers mess-free starts and stops without the need for excessive print head cleaning, and can be started and stopped up to 100 times without needing manual intervention – perfect for multiple short runs typically found in a laboratory environment. Printer inks and fluids can be changed without opening the unit, making it one of the cleanest printers available on the market. Thanks to the Easi-Change® Service Module, scheduled maintenance is extremely quick and easy, and can be done in minutes without the need for special tools or calling out an engineer. Quick and Easy Message Setup The built in color touch screen is easy to use, featuring step-by-step message creation and editing, allowing you to start coding without the need for complex manuals or expensive training. Using PrintSync®, you can even set up automatic messaging, while integrated line speed measurement allows for consistent print quality – even on lines with irregular speeds.
Technical Specification
Coding and marking capability

Code height range from 1.8mm – 20mm
Prints up to 3 lines of information such as lot codes, dates, times, text and logos
Dedicated range of ink colours and types for most porous and non-porous substrates, including low odour and low evaporation inks
Maximum print speed of 2.6m/s (for 1 line of print, solid characters)
Programming facilities

Stores up to 4 different line settings and up to 1000 messages
PrintSync® automatic message-style selection provides optimum print quality at different line speeds
Backup and restore, or transfer messages and printer settings to another Linx CJ400 using a USB storage device
WYSIWYG colour touch screen allows easy message creation and selection
On-screen help and diagnostics
Physical characteristics

Compact stainless steel and high specification solvent and chemical resistant polymer
IP53 environmental protection rating
Bench mounted or optional Linx trolley/table available
8 dBA average noise emissions
Ethernet and RS232 ports
Weighs only 13.5kg with fluids
No factory air required
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Linx continuous inkjet accessories are designed to enable correct integration of Linx industrial inkjet printers and coders with the production line. For unusual or challenging set-ups, our customer engineering department can build customized solutions to suit every application.
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