Inks and fluids


Linx General Purpose inks 

For our range of printers Linx also offers a variety of general-purpose black and colored inks, delivering outstanding performance on most common materials. This selection of Linx inks is therefore perfect for most primary or secondary packaging applications. All our Linx inks also have slightly different characteristics, meaning that we have inks that are ideal for specific applications.  

Difficult substrates, such as plastics including nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene (including untreated OPP and BOPP), and polyvinylchloride can be awkward to code. Not so with our enhanced adhesion inks, offering superb print quality and adhesion on a range of awkward materials.

Linx Specialist Inks

Linx also offer a range of Specialist inks to suit a wide range of applications.

Food Grade Inks

Contain only edible raw materials conforming to regulations of either the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or the European Union (EU).

Linx Pigmented Inks

Give the best possible contrast on a range of different colored materials, and offer good heat tolerance, light-fastness and resistance to solvents.

Process Tolerant Inks

Designed for wet bottle coding applications and to withstand processes such as steam sterilization or chemical washes.

Removable Coding Inks

Ideal for applications where a temporary code needs to be applied and then removed later, such as re-usable containers in the beverage industry.

Security (UV Readable) Inks

Inks which are near invisible in normal light but fluoresce violet or red under UV light. Suitable for anti-counterfeiting and other discreet coding applications.

Thermochromic Inks 

These inks penetrate substances such as oil, wax or varnish, and also resist removal by these products. In certain wet heat conditions, users will also find that they permanently change color.

Non MEK Inks

MEK and acetone-free inks are also available for production environments that require Ketone-free inks. 

Large Character Marking 

Fast drying and low in odor, these large character marking inks come in black, red, green and blue to suit a range of applications such as outer case coding, product identification, corporate branding, contact information or ingredients listings. Their low odor makes the ideal for use in food packaging.

There is no need to worry about using the wrong inks - the LinxSureFill® bottle verification system prevents the use of incorrect fluids, thereby avoiding expensive printer repairs.