Linx continuous ink jet printers offer reliable metal marking and printing in extreme manufacturing conditions. Printheads on our products can be calibrated to sit at right angles to your production line, giving you the ability to code into awkward places.

Our range of specialist inks include metal printing inks to cover a wide range of product identification applications:

- Our Linx Thermochromic inks remain indelible through product sterilization, undergoing a permanent color change

- Linx Thermochromic inks can be used in the automotive industry; penetrating oily surfaces to create clear durable codes for internal traceability. Our continuous inkjet printers applying data matrix and bar codes as well as batch numbers, text and logos

- Returnable containers can be coded with removable inks for internal traceability, for example beer barrels

- For the best possible contrast levels on dark or light materials Linx provides pigmented inks in a variety of colors, allowing for quality control and traceability

- Metal pipe can even be marked using Linx metal coders

Linx metal marking solutions are can quickly and cost effectively resolve your need to mark metal products for a variety of applications.