Linx Printing Technology has the solutions necessary for glass marking, whether you want to print on wet, dry, hot or cold glass. Our glass printing solutions cater for customers that need indelible identification codes, or for those that need removable codes to facilitate re-use.

High value good are protected when you use our Linx inks range, including UV readable inks for Linx continuous inkjet printers that help internal identification and traceability. Whatever your needs we have a reliable glass marking solution that will suit your business.

Linx laser coders can permanently code onto either hot or cold glass, with robust printer designs that can operate in the harsh conditions found in glass manufacture.

Linx glass printing technology has served a variety of industries, such as;

Beverage Packaging

Automotive Coding

Dairy Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Glass printing solutions from Linx are designed to quickly and cost effectively adapt to the requirements of any glass manufacturing business.